Is your child falling behind on their school work? Children are more receptive in a relaxed judgment-free environment. This helps reinforce what they’ve learned during the school year and remove the negative bias they have towards education. 


In-home private tutoring can make a huge difference to your child’s learning as compared to attending a regular coaching centre. At Read Write Think, we recognize that every student is different. Some students grasp concepts quickly, and others need extra guidance to learn effectively. 


Why are the advantages of private tutoring? Our private tutors in Vaughan and Newmarket dis-aggregate complex topics to help your child reach their highest level of receptiveness. Learning without retention is useless. Our teachers use positive reinforcement tools to ensure that your child actually retains the lessons covered before proceeding to new topics. 


Below, we’ve compiled a list of the biggest benefits of at-home private tutoring. 


  1. Tutoring at Your Convenience


The biggest benefit of in-home tuition lessons is that they take place at a time and day of your choosing. Our tutors are more than happy to work around your and your child’s busy schedules. And because education comes to your door, you won’t have to waste any time taking your child to a coaching class. 


Since your child is studying in a familiar setting, any anxiety they may have at the start of each class is automatically removed. This makes them more open to tackling otherwise frustrating subjects that they may be unreceptive to at regular coaching classes. 


  1. Undivided Attention


In the average coaching class, as much as the teacher is concerned about your child’s learning success, it isn’t possible for them to provide their undivided attention, given that these classrooms typically have upwards of 10 students. 


If your child is struggling to understand a difficult concept, the teacher will not be able to address that at length. Time constraints will force them to return to teaching the rest of the class whether or not your child has had their difficulty sorted. 


Moreover, some children feel shy to get their queries sorted out in front of their peers. They may choose to stay silent instead. In both these scenarios, their learning is severely compromised. 


At-home private tutoring fixes the problem. Your child is able to benefit from the one-on-one attention that the tutor provides. The tutor has plenty of time to work with your child on topics that they struggle with and provide immediate corrective feedback. That way, your child is not moving forward with insufficient or inaccurate information. 


  1. Valuable Feedback At Every Step of the Way


Picking up from the previous benefit, the at-home tutor is able to decipher the pain points of your child and provide tools to help them overcome. 


At-home learning isn’t restrictive. The teacher works tirelessly with your child, especially on topics in which they need to improve their performance. Apart from this, the tutor helps your child develop other key traits like time management, better study skills, and provides overall mentorship. Thus, the scope for their improvement is much wider with private classes. 


  1. No Distractions


In schools, coaching classes or other public settings, your child is likely to be distracted by the strengths and weaknesses of other students. Your child may also be tempted to measure their own worth against how well another student is performing at their lessons. All of this is counterproductive to your child’s own learning. With private at-home classes, your child has access to fewer distractions and can learn comfortably. 


  1. Parents Receive Detailed Progress Reports


You will be able to discuss your child’s progress at length with the tutor and keep track of their performance. This is a two-way street. You know your child best. If you have any recommendations for future improvement, feel free to convey those to the tutor. 


When you track your child’s learning progress, you will be able to understand what additional learning tools they require when they do their homework after the tutor has left. All in all, progress reports aid both parent and child tremendously. 


Help Your Child Overcome Their Learning Hurdles!


Fun, enriching and positive – that’s what your child can expect when you pair them with our private tutor. Your child will take charge of their own learning, interact with the teacher, learn faster, and elevate their academic performance – with absolutely no distractions!

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