Are you an immigrant working in Canada? If so, one of the biggest challenges most immigrants face is communicating in English in a professional environment. English language programs for adults are a wonderful way to hone your language skills.


Moreover, when you improve your speaking, listening, writing and reading acumen, you won’t have to miss out on any work opportunities that come your way!


Because you have individual learning needs and goals, lessons have to be tailored to match your unique pacing. At Read Write Think, we offer one-on-one specialized training in:

  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Essay writing
  • Conversation
  • Practical usage of English


More importantly, we place your comfort at the forefront of each lesson. So whether you’d like training at your office, home, learning institution or via Skype, our private tutors in Vaughan are more than happy to cater to your schedule!


In this article, we explore the top 6 reasons why we strongly recommend English training classes, and how these will eventually enhance your work life!


Personalized Coaching to Match Your Learning Goals


The typical duration of our programs runs anywhere between 4-6 weeks. However, we first assess your existing proficiency in English to predict the number of sessions required for you to successfully complete the test.


Even the learning tools we employ during the sessions to improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking acumen differs from that of another student; based on what you already know and what you’ve yet to grasp.


This is one major benefit of individualized classes in that you are not measured against the ability of a group of students and tutored based on the class’s pacing, but rather, you get to enjoy the benefits of personalized lesson plans to suit your learning profile.


Of course, some students perform better in group environments. If that’s you, you can opt to be tutored alongside other like-minded students who will be taking the same test. Thus, you receive the benefit of gleaning valuable insights from the knowledge of your classmates.


Our English tutors have years of experience in preparing candidates for their language tests in Canada. Before we place you in a program, we will carefully investigate your learning needs.


Quickly Improves Academic Performance


What is your problem area? With one-on-one learning, your academic setbacks are quickly resolved. What we mean by this is, the tutor is able to identify areas in which you struggle and provide immediate corrective feedback. Thus, the gap between learning and remediation is effectively bridged.


Students find that their academic performance quickly improves as opposed to self-learning.


And with a greater understanding of the subject matter, your chances of success in the workplace are so much higher.


Encourages Independence and Responsibility


Our tutors don’t believe in simply handing you all the answers. They strongly encourage you to gain an in-depth knowledge of the material so that you are able to apply core concepts independently; even in unfamiliar situations.


For instance, if you are presented with a collaborative project at work that relies on your creative writing skills, you can build upon the concepts taught at our sessions to impress your colleagues and employers!


Whether it’s to do with conversing or writing, English (as with any language) cannot be taught from an end-to-end standpoint. Rather, it’s up to the learner to undertake the responsibility of self-directed learning for certain nuances of the language. When learners take initiative, a greater level of understanding is attained; one that cannot be imparted in the classroom.


The end result? This sense of responsibility instilled in you is a wonderful carryover into other aspects of your personal and professional life.


Uses Updated Materials Likely to Appear on the Actual Test


At Read Write Think, we avoid vague academic methods that don’t point to a specific goal. Our private tutors use updated booklets, templates and learning materials that are designed from the latest 2019 IELTS and CELPIP tests. You are able to improve your grammar, spelling, speaking and listening skills by referring to questions similar to those that have appeared on tests in previous years.


Reduces the Likelihood of Having to Retake the Test


The cost to take your IELTS can be upwards of $200 and this increases with each passing year. If you don’t get the desired score the first time around, you might consider redoing the test. Not only is this a costly affair, but it also tends to diminish one’s confidence.


The bottom line? It’s best to ace your test the first time around. That is likely to happen if you approach tutors who know the ins and outs of the test. You hone the right skills so that the likelihood of redoing the test is mitigated as far as possible.


Gives You a Great Sense of Accomplishment at Work!


After all your hard work, you’ll most likely see a great test score. And nothing beats the sense of accomplishment that follows! Not only will you have emerged from the test with better English skills, but you will also have a new-found confidence to converse with your peers at work.


If you plan to follow a long-term career path in Canada, having a strong grasp on English is integral.


Are You Ready to Ace Your Test?


Our highly trained and experienced faculty will give you quality tutoring, no matter your language shortcomings. Whether you’re good at English or aren’t very confident about your skills, we first assess you to understand your level and the number of sessions required to help you prepare.

You can opt for one-on-one, group-based or Skype classes.

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