Many think of the summer as a break from their academic responsibilities. After all, the summer should be fun and carefree, right? Well, statistics show that summer learning loss is one of the biggest contributors to the high school dropout rate.

On average, students lose 25 to 30% of their school-year learning over the summer.

Astonishing, isn’t it? Just as much as it is essential to have a de-stressing vacation, it is also important to ensure that your child is being groomed academically to prepare for the school year to follow!

At Read Write Think, our summer tutoring programs were created to do just that. School breaks don’t have to be a break from your child’s learning. Our instructors combine academics and fun to give your child a summer they’ll never forget.


DIT – A Unique Judgment-Free Approach to Learning

Our one-on-one direct instruction tutoring classes (DIT) develop your child’s reading, writing, math, language, and cognitive skills. With the DIT curriculum, your child is able to explore long-term skill development pathways and test their abilities in an encouraging atmosphere. These lessons take place in the Aurora, New Market, and Richmond Hill areas.

Whether your child needs summer math tutoring programs or reading tutoring programs, we can help! Our aim is to make the parents’ life easier. You can opt to have these lessons conducted at your child’s regular learning institution, at home or at our center.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the benefits your child enjoys with our DIT classes!


1. Undivided Attention

A DIT tutor will first and foremost acquaint themselves with your child’s unique learning style. As such, they are able to alter their teaching modalities so as to achieve the optimal academic outcome.

The teacher will simplify the curriculum to allow for the highest cognition and receptiveness from your child. The lessons are delivered on a one-to-one basis, meaning that your child benefits from the tutor’s personalized attention. Any skill gaps can be immediately addressed and the teacher adapts the lesson plan to accommodate learning drawbacks.

Because of these personalized classes, your child doesn’t feel the pressure of learning in a group setting. Nor will they find themselves influenced by the strengths and drawbacks of their classmates.


2. Unique and Positive Learning Experience

Tutoring occurs in a judgment-free area. This environment has no distractions or disruptions, thus elevating the quality of education your child receives. Our teachers believe in positive reinforcement. Students aren’t reprimanded for their inability to learn, rather the teacher modifies their ability to teach.

We foster an atmosphere where the students feel free to ask as many questions as they like. They don’t have to put up with the anxiety of asking a query in front of their peers.


3. Self-Paced and Self-Directed Learning

We’re big on initiative. With DIT lessons, your child is able to do their homework on their own without assistance. This independent approach to learning goes a long way to foster a sense of responsibility and personal growth. Through this process, your child also understands how to control the learning pace.

Moreover, the student develops study and work habits that will stick with them for life. These prepare them for the challenges they will face both inside and outside the classroom.


4. Helps Conquer Learning Obstacles

With positive reinforcement and praise from the teacher, no longer will your child be frustrated with schoolwork. Our programs are geared towards addressing those areas where your child is falling behind; whether that is math, science, language or reading. The teacher adapts the lessons to meet the child’s learning abilities. Moreover, immediate corrective feedback is provided so that your child isn’t progressing with any inaccurate information.

All this enables them to master the level that much quicker and squash any academic hurdles that come their way.


5. Builds Self-Confidence

In a positive and progressive learning space, student self-confidence is sure to follow. As of now, your child might have had to put up with an overwhelming workload, distracted teachers and undirected teaching modalities in traditional classrooms.

DIT changes all that. It focuses on giving your child a safe space to learn, grow and succeed under the teacher’s personalized attention. Thus, they are able to conquer their lessons, and with every in-class success, their self-confidence is boosted.

Additionally, students’ communication skills vastly improve. They are able to create better relationships with their peers and make better social adjustments.


6. Improves Long-Term Academic Performance

DIT isn’t only about short-term immediate learning, rather it fosters certain key traits in students that will serve them well in life no matter where they go! Our teachers will work with your child on certain problem areas and prepare them for their exams. This will be reflected in your child’s grades.

Moreover, the student learns how to draft study plans, cultivate advanced learning skills and manage time better. Not only does this prepare them for college but also for their professional life.


Great News!

Your Child Doesn’t Have to Dislike Schoolwork Anymore

Fun, enriching and positive – that’s what your child can expect when you enroll them in one of our summer tutoring classes. They will be able to take charge of their own learning, interact with the teacher, learn quicker, and elevate their academic performance.


Help your child prepare for the coming academic year.

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