This is a question that we get asked every day. After months of quarantine and social isolation, kids are desperate for friends and social interaction. The answer is yes, with certain restrictions in mind, day camps are allowed to re-open in Toronto and GTA in summer 2020. However, with “new camp normal” practices and standards, such as no toy sharing, encouraging social distancing, smaller camp sizes, etc. many families are in no rush to send off their kids to camps.

2020 summer camps are allowed to open in Toronto & GTA

Here at Read Write Think in Vaughan, we have opened our doors to students wishing to experience our condensed format academic camp workshops on various subjects. The social skills group takes place on Sunday mornings, and our writing, math, literacy, oral presentation and executive functioning skills workshops take place during the week.

Those children who have found it difficult or impossible to participate in online learning during the quarantine have gladly switched to learning at the centre.

Those families who have felt the “isolation blues” are happy to use a chance to finally switch to normal, or the new normal, however it may look in the nearest months. There are lots of families, however, who have opted for online interactive camps and have been happy with this decision. Many people still feel uneasy about social interaction with strangers, mandatory mask wearing, and daily commutes. They have adapted a certain lifestyle which permits social interaction with family and close friends and have been carrying on with online learning. Keeping in mind that balance is key in everything, we are happy to declare that our online interactive camps with low student to teacher ratio have been rather successful this summer in Vaughan.

Summer Camps in Vaughan & GTA

2020 Summer Camps


Printing and Cursive Workshops are now available in a warm and fun environment. It has been said many times that handwriting does not matter, but the process of learning it does!

Our programs are based on the award-winning Learning Without Tears approach.

Multisensory strategies and materials
Pencil grip, letter formation, early literacy skills
Chalks, slates, play dough and plasticine for our younger learners

Written Expression
(Gr. 3 and up)

There is no arguing that putting your thoughts on paper in an organized way is a challenging task. If you feel your child needs to work on those skills, this class is for them.

This class will work through the process of writing down ideas in an organized, well thought out manner.

Leave with a bunch of new writing strategies and feeling inspired about the new tools that you can apply immediately.

Narrative | Descriptive
Expository | Persuasive

Executive Functioning Skills
(Gr. 5 and up)

Staying calm and organized through academic life is a multifaceted process that needs to be taught.

Through questionnaires, students get to know their learning styles. Then, they explore a variety of strategies to improve their executive functioning skills, such as annotating, note taking, breaking assignments into chunks, etc.

Get to know your learning style
Anticipation and managing “break-down” points
Proactive strategies to help learning
Good habits learning techniques

Character Development Literacy Activity
(Gr. 5 and up)

Looking for a role model, someone to look up to for your personal character development? Look no further. Our character development cards will point in the direction of someone like you. That person possesses a unique set of character traits that looks just like yours.

Vocabulary development
Meaningful writing activities
Compare and contrast paragraph writing
Exploration, appreciation and learning from history and modern times
Analysis of one’s own unique set of character traits