Questions About Handwriting, Answered

Contributed by: Julia Paykin Q: Handwriting is truly becoming an obsolete skill. In our digitized era and the world moving towards online learning faster than ever, investing into handwriting is a waste. Right? A: Wrong. Teaching handwriting at early stages of elementary schooling is invaluable. The process of learning

Making home a better place for children

Contributed by: Vaishnavi Ilango Home can be an interesting place if surrounded by positive, energetic, and enthusiastic people. Unfortunately, the stay at home order has taken a toll on both adults and children. Children lost the ability to see their peers, participate in outdoor activities and do things they

Quarantine, or Forced to Homeschool

In the last couple of weeks, the virtual space has been flooded with “schooling” parents turning to “homeschooling” parents for help, support and guidance. The homeschooling community has gone above and beyond with sharing working curriculums, daily schedules, and on-line links. The most important thing right now is to

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