Mathematics is often seen as an intimidating and bothersome academic hurdle for most children. Studies suggest that most kids dislike math because of innumeracy (or an inability to handle numbers). At a very young age, it is easy to change their mindset and make them embrace rather than eschew the subject. At Read Write Think, our private tutors in Vaughan use Direct Instruction teaching methods to provide a rewarding and exciting experience for students – no matter their special/diverse learning needs!


Grappling with Math – Why is it Such an Intimidating Topic for Learners?

In reality, children don’t hate math itself, they hate being frustrated. That happens when the curriculum is poorly optimized and does not divulge the right information in bite-sized manageable chunks. Over and above that, if the child is unable to receive personalized attention is those areas where they are especially lacking, their unwillingness to keep an open mind about math only grows further.

Our private math tutors in Vaughan rectify the learning gap that exists in traditional academic settings. A strong rudimentary knowledge in math is essential for your child if they are to embrace more complex topics like geometry, trigonometry, and calculus at the high school and college level.

To enhance your child’s confidence in the topic, it’s best for them to get help sooner rather than later in those mathematical concepts that they have a hard time grasping. The root of the problem lies in pushing your child to master higher math before they can conquer the basics.


Here’s How Direct Instruction Tutoring in Math Helps Special Needs Learners

Direct Instruction is a teacher-directed highly-interactive approach to learning. It has a phenomenal success rate as it uses a sequenced curriculum. The main focus of this method of teaching is not simply learning but retaining. Essential skills are imparted to students on a continuous and repetitive basis.

Research in math as associated with diverse learning needs has been somewhat neglected up until now. Research in other areas such as reading have made considerable headway with students, however, mathematics has been ignored in the bargain. There are various reasons due to which aspects of math create barriers that result in low performing outcomes for learners. Some of these are unreasonable curriculum pacing, irregular instructional practices, learning approaches that are not tailored to learning disabilities, to name a few.

At Read Write Think, our tutors have received specialized training so as to provide a hands-on academic experience while also being able to know exactly how to modify the programs so that the students get the most out of each lesson. Besides receiving instruction in vocabulary, language, writing, spelling, phonics and comprehension fluency, we also focus on mathematical mastery. This leaves students highly motivated and able to independently grasp and exercise similar concepts in the future.

Aside from a theoretical standpoint, working with numbers and doing arithmetic is critical for students no matter where they go in life. If they are to be able to successfully apply mathematical concepts in their everyday lives, math needs to be made meaningful right from the classroom level.

With the DIT method of teaching, the educator provides a high level of guidance, structure, and encouragement so that mathematical skills and concepts are made more realistic to special needs to students. These programs are essentially student-centric, addressing those specific shortcomings that each student has so that they are able to strengthen their foundational knowledge.

This program also uses concrete and positive reinforcement to enhance the learner’s problem-solving skills. This is done to the extent that they are able to interpret this concrete information into abstract knowledge as and when required.

The success of the program lies in assessing the student’s academic progress. We monitor their learning journey and communicate to you the outcomes as well as those measures that must be taken to add further value to their lessons. Each student is taught how to self-regulate, set goals, verbalize their thoughts and apply strategies to all situations. This helps them develop their mathematical prowess above and beyond the rote repetition of concepts and algorithms.


Is Your Child Lagging Behind in Math? Let Us Help!

Our Direct Instruction programs are backed by over 35 years of research. Whether you choose to enrol your child in reading, writing, spelling or mathematics, our trained educators will deliver superior results. Your child will be able to retain and apply crucial concepts long after they’ve left the classroom.

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