Is your child struggling with their academics? Perhaps, you’ve noticed certain signs that point to a learning disability. If so, this article shares some great insights into the benefits of private lessons for kids with learning disabilities.  


Direct Instruction: A Novel Approach That Adapts to Each Student’s Unique Learning Profile


What is the purpose of Direct Instruction? Direct Instruction Tutoring (DIT) is based on the principle that every child is capable of learning if the right coaching techniques are employed. It is a teacher-directed approach to education that uses individually paced lesson plans and explicit instructional delivery.


As such, this teaching method is inclusive of students who have behavioral, communicational or intellectual problems in the classroom. DIT embodies the adage; “If a learner hasn’t learned, the teacher hasn’t taught.” Thus, students who have problems with their studies aren’t blamed for their failure to learn.


Is Direct Instruction effective? DIT programs aim to bridge the gap in traditional methods of education by offering one-on-one tutoring. They optimize the design and delivery of each lesson so that learners can participate in a judgment-free setting. Student-teacher interactions are strongly encouraged by this teaching modality.


Backed by over 50 years of research, DIT helps each student master the current level before proceeding to the next. This focus on lesson retention boosts their self-confidence and self-esteem and prepares them for the academic hurdles ahead.


Which learning disabilities are ideal for Direct Instruction classes? DIT classes have shown significant success for students who demonstrate symptoms of:


  • ADHD
  • Dyslexia
  • Autism
  • Dyscalculia (a disorder that affects one’s math capabilities)
  • Dysgraphia (a disorder that affects one’s writing capabilities)
  • Processing deficits (auditory or visual disorders that hinder one’s performance in traditional classrooms)
  • Giftedness (students who display an outstanding aptitude in certain academic fields and who require support not offered by regular schools)


What Are The Signs of a Child With a Learning Disability?


Below, we shortlisted the most common signs that might indicate a learning disability. Please note that these vary from student to student and shouldn’t be used as a parameter to screen students for learning disabilities. We suggest taking your child to a qualified psychiatrist for a professional diagnosis.


  • Issues with reading/writing/math that are uncommon for a child that age
  • Poor memory
  • Attention span problems
  • Trouble with following directions
  • Inability to stay organized
  • Clumsiness
  • Issues with telling the time
  • Frequent impulsiveness
  • Social ineptitude
  • Getting easily distracted
  • Speaking like a child who is below their age level and aptitude
  • Problems with listening and interpreting concepts
  • Inability to deal with changes in their schedule or an unfamiliar situation


Benefits of DIT for Students With Learning Disabilities


At Read Write Think, our private tutors in Vaughan remediate students who have a variety of learning disabilities that may impede their progress in regular classrooms. The benefits of DIT are wide as they are varied:


Carefully Sequenced Curriculum

Lessons include well-designed instructional elements. This enables the lesson to be delivered in bite-sized pieces that are taught and reiterated to each student so as to ensure maximum retention.


Regular Progress Reports

How will you know if your child is actually benefiting from DIT? We provide periodic progress reports that detail your child’s responsiveness, receptiveness, and improvement over time. The lines of communication are always open to keep up a healthy dialogue with each parent.


One-on-One Classes

Each student must receive help in the area they need it the most. This is why DIT uses teacher-student interactions and one-on-one classes to accurately identify their learning gaps. Lessons plans are paced to remediate these gaps, and eventually, the learner builds the confidence to participate in group settings.


Immediate Corrective Feedback

One-on-one classes allow teachers to quickly identify those areas where the student is struggling and further curate the lessons to address those drawbacks. Students only advance to the next level after they’ve fully mastered the current one.


This approach ensures that students are able to produce faster results and not fall back on “academic amnesia” which is a state wherein they are unable to recall previous lessons.


Allows for a Versatile Education

Because of its phenomenal success, the DIT method is incorporated into a variety of different programs:


  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Math
  • Spelling
  • Reasoning
  • Language


Lessons Are Scheduled to Suit Your Busy Schedule

You call the shots! Our DIT lessons are delivered at a location and time of your choosing so that you’re never put out! We conduct one-on-one classes at our institution, your child’s regular school or at your home – whatever is most convenient for you!


Your Child Can Now Excel in Their Education No Matter Their Learning Setbacks!


At Read Write Think, our trained staff will first piece together your child’s learning profile to identify which program would be the best fit!


It all starts today. Set your child up for academic success! Contact us to schedule an assessment.