There is a growing body of adults out there who are looking to improve their academic skills, such as reading, comprehension, essay and creative writing, critical thinking and math. There is a lot of research that has been conducted on how children and adults learn. Some of the main differences between how children and adults learn are that children are more likely to learn through exploration and play, while adults are more likely to learn through reading and lectures. Children also have a shorter attention span than adults and are more likely to be motivated by rewards and praise.

Read Write Think is ready to help adults who feel they lacked support while growing up and sense a certain reservoir of potential within themselves. There are lots of young adults among our clientele who used to struggle with reading, comprehension, numeracy, and writing but only came to realize there is support available when they were older. Many of our adult students are college or university students, and some are accomplished professionals. These students are looking to strengthen their foundational knowledge and build a platform for greater academic and professional accomplishments. We are ready to help with our individually tailored programs and approach.

Other adult students who are looking to improve their language acquisition skills and English as a second language mastery would be better off looking for support with language centres. Many newcomers in Canada that are looking to improve their English language skills to qualify for immigration would benefit from services such as CELPIP preparation or similar in-person services for language support and development.