Grammar Guide $19.99  

This 35 pages grammar booklet features simplified, extracted grammar rules necessary for test taking. During the test,  test takers’ knowledge of grammar is thoroughly assessed through writing and speaking. Basic grammar foundation is necessary for listening and writing, too. Active and passive tenses, conditional sentences, sequences of tenses and more are systematically explained.

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Writing Tools $29.99

This unique, one-of-a-kind booklet teaches essay, survey and e-mail writing skills required for IELTS, CELPIP and CanTest. It is based on various templates and teaches students towards expectations set out by the test centres. The beginning of the booklet features basic grammar typically required for proper sentence construction, as well as grammar practice. The booklet proceeds towards e-mail/letter construction with highlighted phrases for future independent use. The middle of the booklet explains the typical structure of surveys with guidelines of assessment/evaluation. Rubrics are also part of this section. The end of the booklet concentrates on typical IELTS essay writing skills. Writing Tools comprises 44 pages of intense test writing guidance.


CELPIP Speaking Template $9.99

Each speaking prompt of CELPIP test is aimed to assess test takers’ grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary. This speaking template provides ready-to-go phrases for each section of the speaking test which, if memorized and practised properly, will come in handy during the test. It is recommended that students practise as many speaking tests as they can while using the provided template


CELPIP Speaking Book $29.99 

Need to work on your speaking skills? Have you exhausted all the options of CELPIP tests on-line? Then this booklet is right for you. It boasts 24 pages of CELPIP speaking test prompts, each section of the test containing 10 prompts. So go ahead and practice away!

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CELPIP Writing Tasks $19.9

Writing prompts to hone your writing skills before the test. 15 survey and 10 e-mails topics to practice the skills you have, or gained while working at Writing Tools booklet.

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