It’s an exciting time! The start of a school year ushers in so many new opportunities for your child to take their education to the next level. If you’re worried about your child’s ability to keep up with the heavy workload, it may just be time to sign them up for direct instruction lessons in Vaughan

It’s quite common for children to experience summer learning loss and subsequently find it hard to get on par with their peers. Our private tutors in Newmarket can change that. They assess your child’s learning profile and help them catch up in areas they struggle the most whether that’s Math, English or Science. 

What is direct instruction tutoring? This is a very effective method of teaching that uses a systematic and strategic approach to help learners master concepts that are tailored to individual learning behaviours. 

DIT takes into consideration the suggestions provided in the psycho-educational assessment that we conduct in advance. It uses that to help students conquer their education drawbacks. DIT is a teacher-led method that is founded on the concept; If the learner hasn’t learned, the teacher hasn’t taught. 


How to Know Whether Your Child Requires Tutoring

Your child may have failed Math, or maybe they got straight As in every subject; regardless, DIT is designed to help students expand and explore their skills and boost their confidence in the classroom.

Some big indicators that suggest your child would really benefit from DIT classes;

  • You’ve noticed negative alterations in the behaviour
  • Their motivation towards school is declining
  • Their report card reflects their dwindling performance 

Chances are, your child isn’t receiving the one-on-one support they need. They may even be experiencing boredom in class, and need something enriching to stimulate their faculties. Great news! Even a couple of in home private tutoring lessons can change that for the better.  


Reinforces Material From the Previous Year

When it comes to learning, it’s so important to be retrospective and look back at the material covered in the previous grade. This is how improvement can be made. Direct instruction strengthens the student’s existing breadth of knowledge and builds upon that.

In fact, studies have shown that students score higher on the same standardized test when they take it at the beginning of summer instead of at the end. This points to the fact that they are more likely to retain information if there is some sort of learning reinforcement during the long summer months. 


Maintains the Learning Routine

When the brain remains idle for the summer, it’s very tricky to kick it back into action on-demand as soon as the school year resumes. The lack of a comprehensive learning routine contributes to students hating the thought of going back to school. 

DIT offers the stability that all students require to make their educational experience that much more effective. When kids have something to work towards during the summer, it is much easier for them to resume school without missing a beat. 


Tackles Subjects That Your Child Struggles With

Often in a regular classroom situation, students feel afraid to voice their queries lest they disrupt the lesson. The result? They move forward with knowledge gaps and misinformation. 

Direct instruction tutoring helps bridge these gaps and develop a strong base for future learning. The extra attention helps them with schoolwork that they’ve been struggling with. With just a teacher in the room, the child isn’t afraid to speak up and ask questions. 

Once they’ve mastered that, they are so much more confident to return to school and tackle the fresh challenges ahead. This gives them a lot of momentum to move forward and embrace complex subjects that they wouldn’t normally be receptive to. 


Ready to Give Your Child the Best Back-to-School Gift?

Turn to Read Write Think! Our tutors provide one-on-one support in those areas where your child struggles the most. 

At Read Write Think, our trained staff will first piece together your child’s learning profile to identify which program would be the best fit! It all starts today. Set your child up for academic success! 

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