Do you want to improve your child’s reading, writing and spelling mastery? Direct Instruction is a wonderful new channel of learning that is fundamentally inclusive of every learner. This method believes that, with the correct learning interventions, any student can succeed in spite of their academic setbacks.


What is direct instruction teaching strategy? Direct Instruction Tutoring (DIT) is a structured one-on-one teaching technique that allows for better teacher-student communications. It is a scripted teacher-led approach to learning that adapts itself to each learner’s unique learning profile.


Why do teachers use Direct Instruction? Direct Instruction Tutors focus on identifying student skill gaps and providing immediate corrective assistance. Each lesson is appropriately paced so as to boost the learner’s retention and self-confidence.


At Read Write Think, DIT is used by our private tutors in Vaughan to help each and every student; even those with special learning needs. It includes:

  • A well-sequenced curriculum
  • Lessons imparted in manageable portions based on the student’s learning gaps
  • Individualized pacing to adapt to each student’s capacity to retain new information; no more than 15% of new material is imparted with each lesson.
  • Explicit student-teacher interactions allowing for each student to receive personalized attention
  • Flexible grouping; students are grouped based on where they’re at in the curriculum
  • Mastery education wherein students only proceed to the next level if they have mastered the current level
  • Systematic evaluations the results of which are provided to parents to make them aware of their child’s progress


DIT Instils Valuable Skills That Aid in Your Child’s Regular Schooling

Direct Instruction allows your child to enhance their reading, writing, reasoning, spelling and math skills in an imaginative and encouraging environment. Math especially is a sore subject for most students.


At Read Write Think, our private math tutors in Vaughan impart bite-sized knowledge with each lesson while revising concepts of previous lessons. This teacher-led tactic to education puts a certain level of predictability, thus removing the fear that students have of math. It is very helpful when used to enrich and remediate.


They are able to explore long-term development pathways and apply acquired concepts in untaught and unfamiliar scenarios – fueling their self-confidence.


Because this technique builds on lessons taught in the previous classes, the learning curve is that much steeper. Apart from setting your child up for all-around academic success, DIT also instills in them valuable life skills such as teamwork, communication, and hard work. All of these traits are very valuable when transferred into their regular academic settings.


Your Child Receives a Versatile Education in a Judgment-Free Setting

Is Direct Instruction effective?

  • Direct Instruction has yielded amazing results and is backed by over 50 years of study.
  • The results of this teaching method are more pronounced as it focuses on explicit direction rather than an experiential-based education.
  • Because of its structured and personalized approach to teaching, DIT has been incorporated into several academic modules such as reading, decoding, comprehension, writing, language, handwriting, math, and reasoning – exploring the basics as well as the more advanced aspects of each one.
  • This gives your child a well-rounded education and helps them prepare for challenges they may face in life as well as in their forthcoming academic pursuits.


There are some learners who might be shy or unconfident when learning in a group environment. DIT accommodates these students as well by incorporating a one-on-one student-teacher interaction where the learner is able to voice their opinions and ask questions freely without the anxiety of being judged by their peers.


Once they build up the confidence to speak up in front of a teacher, they can then be eased into groups. This tactic removes any fear that they might have about voicing their opinions, protects their individuality and gives them a sense of how they can contribute to the bigger picture.


DIT is Ideal For Students With Special Learning Needs

If your child has exhibited attention or behavioural issues or has a learning disability such as ADHD, Autism or Dyslexia, DIT is ideal to help them get ahead in their education.


As mentioned before, these lessons use a predictable and structured approach where the teacher directs each lesson. This scripted classroom environment helps learners overcome their fears and become more receptive to the curriculum. Because of the widespread success of the DIT method, it is now being incorporated in academic settings in Canada, America, the UK, and Australia.  


All Classes Are Flexible to Fit the Parent’s Schedule

DIT is proven to yield phenomenal results when compared to its traditional counterparts. Our tutors at Read Write Think fully understand that you have a busy schedule, as does your child.


We structure each lesson in a way that brings out the very best in your child. Whether you prefer group settings or one-on-one learning, our tutors are happy to conduct classes as per your convenience. These classes take place at a location and time of your choosing – whether you’d like your child to be taught at home, at their regular school or at our institution.


Help Your Child Excel at Their Academics and in Life!

Direct Instruction Tutoring is a proven technique to help learners at all academic levels. Read Write Think would be happy to conduct an assessment and understand your child’s learning profile so that we can determine which program would be a good fit.


The time is now. Contact us today and set your child up for future success!