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Homeschooling in Vaughan, ON

Homeschooling Specialists

At Read Write Think, we offer group and 1-on-1 support available for homeschooled students on a daily, weekly, or biweekly basis. We will meet with your child and conduct an assessment of skills and knowledge, as well as review the specific goals you set up for your child. We will help you navigate a wide range of academic programs and find the right programs for each subject.

With various reasons in mind, more and more families turn to homeschooling these days. While the idea sounds appealing and reasonable to many families, it might often become daunting when put into practice. We help you eliminate the frustration and enjoy the wonderful world of homeschooling your children.

We Are Enrolling
Homeschooling Classes K-8

  • 4:1 students – instructor ratio

  • Core academic subjects parallel or surpass Ontario Curriculum expectations

  • Math, English, science, social studies , French ( Gr 3 and up)

  • Weekly meetings from either 9:30 am – 12:30 pm or 1:00 pm –  4:00 pm

  • Students are placed according to age and level

  • Students are placed following an assessment

  • Special education classes follow the model of Direct Instruction learning

Have questions? Send us a message.

Homeschooling Groups

Our homeschooling groups are open for full-time homeschoolers or students looking to supplement their regular education during school hours. Our highly structured, student centered programs parallel or exceed province expectations. We are highly committed to training students’ minds to be independent, inquiring, engaged learners who can self-regulate their own learning with some instructor support.

We are offering:

Initial assessment of skills
Daily homeschooling classes with an emphasis on academics
Students are free to join as many times a week as they wish
Monitor and guide student progress
Encourage independent academic learning

Homeschooling groups in Vaughan, ON


Used their service for all my kids, very happy with it and recommend from personal experience
l f
l f
23:14 26 Oct 20
Nataly Kimelman
Nataly Kimelman
19:40 20 Aug 20
Both of my kids love the lessons they have in Read Write Think, there is a big support for regular school curriculum and beyond that. Big Thank you all staff!!!
Alla Oleynikova
Alla Oleynikova
19:14 20 Aug 20
Special thank you for making the English writing camp happen! A lot of important and valuable knowledge was delivered to the kids in a condensed format. The classes were engaging, the assignments interesting !Masha’s comments on the homework were very valuable and the feedback extremely constructive. Kids enjoyed your teaching style.I couldn't be happier with the easy decision to enroll in this camp! We enrolled two kids - 11 years old.
Irina Ginzburg
Irina Ginzburg
13:59 20 Jul 20
I highly recommend the Read Write Think summer camps. Our son enjoyed write week. He had a lot of fun and many topics have been covered during that week.Thank you Masha and Julia for this great experience.
Natalya Pogrebetsky
Natalya Pogrebetsky
03:08 19 Jul 20
Julia has been helping our son for over four years now and I can’t stress enough how wonderful she has been. Our son’s English and writing skills have significantly improved and matured. Julia is systematic, patient and intuitive and will adapt to your child’s skills and encourage your child at the same time. She is fabulous!
Rita Zelikman
Rita Zelikman
16:21 14 May 20
We have used Julia as our tutor for over four years now and all three of our children have benefited greatly. She is very knowledgeable in our educational system in Ontario and honest in regards to my children’s needs. I would recommend Julia!!
Carina Briskin
Carina Briskin
18:37 11 May 20
Julia is one of a kind. She has literally transformed my son's ability to study. She has helped him excel in literacy at which has been his struggling subject since he has started school. We don't know what we would do without her!
Sunny Ashurov
Sunny Ashurov
22:54 04 May 20
Very good tutors who help kids with special needs
Sabharish Sainath
Sabharish Sainath
16:39 10 Mar 20
Julia is a very special person who genuinely cares about her students. She has a very gentle and patient approach to her style that my son absolutely loves. He knows she cares about his progress and goes above and beyond to help him succeed. I highly recommend Julia and her one on one program!
Karen T
Karen T
14:05 01 Mar 19
This is the best you can do for you child!
Julia Kazakova
Julia Kazakova
03:37 22 Feb 19
I highly recommend the Read Write Think program to anyone whose kid needs a little extra boost or serious help with their reading and writing.Our son didn't know how to read or write when he started Grade 1 (although he attended SK) and was feeling stressed about it. After a little online search we were lucky enough to find Julia, the owner of the Read Write Think program, who came to our house and did a quick assessment of our son. Julia informed us that he would catch up to his classmates by the end of the the school year, which he did much earlier.Julia paired us up with Maddie - a wonderful, patient, experienced and fun teacher who my son loves a lot. Maddie came to our house once a week for an hour and did a great job keeping our son engaged and interested, which was not an easy feat at times :).The materials the program provides are also exceptional and at the same fun (some stories made me laugh out loud).Julia, Maddie and the whole Read Write Think program are amazing! And we will continue with their services next year as well.
Anna Sapozhnikov
Anna Sapozhnikov
20:37 30 Jul 18
As a parent, my kids' learning is very important to me. Even at their young age, I know how important it is to support their needs at school and enhance it at home. That's why I'm happy to have found Read Write Think because their reading, writing, and language & spelling programs have really helped not just my kids' grades, but more importantly, their attitude towards learning through mastery of these core skills.
Chloe Waters
Chloe Waters
17:21 04 Oct 17

Why Choose us?

Our Programs

Educational Expertise

We help you navigate a rough sea of magnitude of educational programs best suited to your child’s current needs. We will set up an easy to follow, sustainable learning plan aligned with Ontario curriculum expectations.


Group or 1-on-1

We will offer your child proper placement into one of our 1-to-1 or group programs. Our 1-to-1 intervention plan with one of our educational specialists will assist your learner overcome current struggles. Our leveled groups will stimulate and challenge your learner’s mind.



Take advantage of our assessment of academic and learning skills. This meeting includes time spent with both a student and a parent. Based on the result, we devise a learning plan which best serves your child’s needs and style.

Skills Assessment

Take advantage of our free Academic Skills Assessment that we offer for every student. The goal of the assessment is to help us determine your child’s current academic level. After that, we offer a placement into the right program to meet your child’s individual learning needs.


How do you align the programs with my child’s needs?

When we put together a program, we keep your child’s learning profile in mind. We have years of expertise to help you find your best program for each subject.

How do you determine the approach my child needs?

Struggling students benefit from 1-on-1 learning with a Direct Instruction tutor and traditional learners could be placed in a small group. Some students choose to be only guided by an educational specialist and to learn with a parent.

Do you offer homeschooling groups and courses?

Your homeschooler is welcome to join any program we have. You could choose to sign up for group or 1-to-1 classes, depending on your child’s needs and your flexibility.

Frequently asked questions
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