Math can be one of the most difficult subjects for children. Its high degree of complexity can leave them confused and discouraged. If your child’s math marks are low and they are encountering a constant struggle to understand and apply the concepts, it may be a great idea to get them a private math tutor. Extra sessions outside the classroom can ease the pressure and help make concepts easier to understand. 

At Read Write Think in Vaughan, we make math tutoring an enjoyable experience for your child. Our tutors are highly-trained and experienced in providing math guidance. They can cater to your child’s specific needs and help make the curriculum easy to understand.

Our tutors possess a wealth of knowledge that they implement in the field. They have successfully taught students of all ages and learning profiles. We strongly believe that every student can achieve success from our straightforward teaching methods. 

Here are some major ways that a private math tutor can help your child.

Reduced Pressure Makes Your Child More Receptive

The classroom environment can make learning difficult as children feel the pressure to perform. Hiring a private math tutor for your child can help reduce this pressure.

How? It’s a one-on-one environment between the student and the tutor. Distractions are removed from the equation. This means they can slow down the pace and work on specific things in the curriculum that they are having difficulty with. 

A tutor provides a uniquely-tailored learning experience that the child simply cannot get in a classroom environment with one teacher and many students. The teacher may not be able to provide the time and attention necessary to help your child improve their grades; they can’t simply stop the class for additional explanations. 

With private tutoring, the child is able to engage more with the content they are learning in a more relaxed environment. Our tutors help your child navigate problems in a safe and supportive space where they will not be afraid to ask questions or make mistakes.

Improved Performance Within a Short Time

A math tutor can help your child overcome the problems they are experiencing with the curriculum. In a classroom setting, this is more difficult to accomplish. However, with a private teacher, your child can effectively focus on and resolve their own individual issues. 

Your child may be struggling with a specific part of the curriculum and being in a classroom environment may not give them the adequate time they need to overcome it. Private tutoring allows a tutor to learn and adapt to your child’s specific learning style, and cater to it to help them overcome problems, generally, in a fraction of the time it would take them without this learning intervention. 

This will enhance their understanding of the subject matter and allow them to achieve higher marks in school.

Accelerated Growth and Development

Having a private math tutor goes beyond just improving your child’s marks, it can also improve their learning and study habits as well. 

Our tutors teach children valuable skills such as study and organization techniques,  time management tips, and show students how to prioritize their tasks. These are important life skills that they can carry with them beyond their academic careers. This can improve a child’s confidence and help make them more self-sufficient when tackling problems. 

In addition, being able to navigate their problems on their own will help children to develop confidence and a more positive attitude towards school, improving their academic performance.

Customized Syllabus to Fill Learning Gaps

Private tutors are able to tailor their lessons to suit each individual student’s needs. They can cover not only the material included in the school syllabus but also any related material that will aid in your child’s overall learning experience. 

Private tutoring goes beyond simply what the student covers in school. Our team of qualified tutors helps your child set a concrete goal and strive to reach that goal. This ensures that the tutor is not just going over existing material, they are challenging and stimulating your child to work hard outside of the classroom. 

Homework Helper

If your child is already struggling to understand math lessons, homework can be even more difficult for them. They may not complete it or put in the bare minimum. 

Having a private tutor means more than just teaching the students concepts. The tutor can assist with completing homework , keeping your child focused and interested in the material, and allowing them to learn. Even a little bit of guidance goes a long way. 

A private tutor is also invaluable for test preparation, ensuring the child knows what to focus on and giving them the tools to prepare independently in the future.

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