Summer is here!


The school year has finally wound down and your child’s biggest dilemma is whether to vegetate in front of the computer or sleep in till noon. As a parent, your biggest dilemma is finding your child something productive to do during this three-month-long hiatus.


Studies have shown that students in the third to eighth grade lose anywhere between 20 to 50% of their math and reading school year learning during the summer – and this number only elevates as they get older.


While most children shun the idea of summer learning, it is, in fact, a great way to reinforce what they’ve learned during the school year and prepare them for the academic challenges they’re yet to face.


At Read Write Think, our private math tutors in Vaughan impart challenging academic subjects in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Our goal is to understand each learner’s unique drawbacks and adapt the syllabus to best address these hurdles. Here, we believe if the learner hasn’t learned, the teacher hasn’t taught.


Summer Tutoring Encourages One-on-One Learning

Read Write Think’s private tutors in Vaughan and Newmarket use the Direct Instruction teaching method to bridge the achievement gap. We disaggregate complex topics and sequence them in a way that lets your child reach their highest level of cognition and receptiveness. The lesson only proceeds when your child has mastered the current level.


Each lesson is delivered from a one-to-one standpoint, meaning that the learner benefits from the teacher’s undivided attention. The teacher is able to identify skill gaps that much faster and provide immediate corrective feedback. That way, your child isn’t moving forward with any inaccurate information.


Moreover, personalized summer tutoring allows for your child to flourish in a positive academic environment without being swayed by the strengths and weaknesses of their peers. They are encouraged to ask as many questions as they like and progress at a pace that suits them best.


Working with a good tutor during the summer helps your child make a smooth transition into the subsequent academic year. And without the stress of class times, homework, and extracurricular activities, the summer gives students a great opportunity to only focus on the important material they haven’t been able to master with the distractions of the school year.


An added bonus is that summer tutoring also gives students the opportunity to prepare better for upcoming applications to colleges or universities, setting them well ahead of their peers.


Eliminating the Fear Students Have of Math

Math, in particular, is always dismissed as an overly complex topic that learners dread. Apart from being abstract, most students also find math to be a very dry subject.


With conventional methods of learning, we really can’t blame them. There is a significant lack of innovation in the current system of teaching that further propagates this dread. The problem is that learners are not able to visualize the concepts and their interest level dwindles. And when disassociation grows further, there comes a point where students completely disengage from the topic.


At Read Write Think, we fully recognize this disparity between the topic and the learner, and work to bridge the gap. With Direct Instruction, we impart concepts in bite-size and manageable chunks so that students are never overwhelmed.


Additionally, concepts are reinforced constantly and students are encouraged to pursue self-directed learning. That way, they can apply concepts in new and unfamiliar situations independently of the teacher. And every success they experience in the classroom brings them one step closer to embracing the subject.


Periodic Tests to Ensure That Progress is Being Made

Even the art of test taking is an acquired skill. Students need to practice it to get better at it. Tutors impart valuable test-taking strategies and run through numerous practice papers with your child so that their confidence in such situations grows.


We conduct periodic tests to identify the areas where your child needs improvement. Accordingly, the curriculum is adapted to meet these learning hurdles. You will also receive regular reports about your child’s progress from our tutors.


Classes Are Conducted From the Comfort of Your Home

At Read Write Think, we believe that convenience is absolutely key. You’re the boss and you call the shots! Our classes are conducted at a time and place of your choosing. We work around you and your child’s busy schedules so that you’re never put out.


Our tutors are happy to come to your home to conduct these lessons. The benefit here is that your child is relaxed and comfortable as they are studying in a familiar setting. No stress, and no pressure!


Just a Few Hours of Tutoring a Week Can Make All the Difference!

Our tutors are well equipped to give your child the academic encouragement they need to get ahead this year! Before you know it, you will notice your child’s confidence in the classroom grow. Take this opportunity to set your child up for future success.


Set your child up for success that will last a lifetime.


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