Does your child have diverse learning needs? Direct Instruction Tutoring in Vaughan is the perfect learning intervention they need!

Direct Instruction Learning vs Traditional Learning

Traditional academic channels aren’t always tailored to cater to children experiencing learning disabilities like ADHD, Dyslexia and those on the spectrum. This means that this method of teaching will not be able to remediate the learning gap. Furthermore, grasping basic skills such as writing, reading, mathematics and comprehension may be difficult for them. Additionally, if your child is going through any challenging life circumstances such as convalescing from an illness, changing schools or transitioning from one year to the next, they are further pressurized to cope, thus impacting their ability to learn.

Direct Instruction Learning is a method of teaching, backed by over 3 decades of research. It addresses all the teaching deficiencies that are present in current academic settings. This method uses structured one-on-one classes, a well-designed skills-based curriculum and sequenced instructional delivery. Each child is treated to a personalized learning experience using visual, tactile and auditory stimuli.

Lessons That Are a Powerful Aid to Regular Schooling

It is this content-rich mode of delivery that not only disseminates new information in manageable chunks, but also constantly reinforces previous lessons – thus boosting the learner’s retention! These lessons are designed just so, so as to become a very valuable carryover into their regular schooling. This is what puts your child on equal footing with the learning trajectory of their peers.

We Conduct a Free Skills Assessment to Understand Your Child’s Unique Learning Requirements

Because we recognize that each child comes with their own set of learning hurdles, we first perform a free assessment (available for those who sign up for any of our educational programs) of your child’s academic skills, cognitive profile and the ultimate vision you have for your child’s learning. Our education professionals slowly and carefully assess your child’s profile. They may even call upon those who are familiar with your child’s educational/behavioral background such as psychiatrists, teachers and counselors. This helps paint an accurate picture of what they’re lacking academically and how best to address it.

Flexible Teaching to Accommodate Your Child’s Busy Schedule

A majority of the programs we offer at Read Write Think are firmly planted in the Direct instruction Method, owing to one simple fact – it is known to deliver exceptional results as compared to its conventional counterparts. Our qualified faculty are accommodating no matter your case, whether you’d prefer for these one-on-one classes to be imparted to your child at home, in our facility or at their regular learning institution. Convenience is of the utmost importance, which means that we are more than willing to structure the lessons so as to keep up with your and your child’s busy schedules.

To improve their proficiency in reading, here are some of our courses that use the Direct Instruction Method:

Basic Reading Series

This program places a heavy emphasis on the foundational skills required to excel in writing. It is disaggregated into 6 levels. Every spelling pattern and sound conceivable is covered in our well-design curriculum. By the close of the second level, your child will already be capable of displaying superior writing skills.

Reading Mastery

The primary focus of this program is special orthography. Our faculty teaches students basic work attack skills. These skills are not merely preached to the student. Rather, they are carefully taught and aided with real-world examples and plenty of exercises to cement every lesson’s value. The student can even benefit from advanced levels of Reading Mastery, wherein they will learn language art strands and literature/reading conventions. These deliver evidence-based results as far as the learner’s enrichment and remediation are concerned. In addition, you can fully expect your child’s decoding, comprehension, phonological awareness and prediction skills to become more and more refined with time.

Corrective Reading

Students with learning drawbacks may find themselves placed a couple of years behind their peers in conventional schooling. To bridge this learning gap, Direct Instruction Learning optimizes lessons by bringing the focus on critical skills and intensive instruction.

Corrective Reading Decoding and Comprehension helps learners who may find reading fluently and correctly a challenge. It focuses on empirical learning, meaning students are taught new strategies to help them retain information and they are also taught how to apply these to unfamiliar concepts.

Specific Skills Series

This program highlights the importance of consistently and extensively reinforcing comprehension skills such as grasping main ideas, reaching independent conclusions and drawing inferences. Your child will therefore emerge with refined reading skills, thus contributing to a positive educational experience.

Personalized Classes + Positive Reinforcements = A Fun and Wholesome Learning Experience!

Have it your way. Whether you want these classes conducted on-site or at home, we’re flexible!

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