We partner up with quality companies who provide services that might be beneficial for our students but go beyond our practice. Please note that we are not affiliated with them. This list has been generated for the families who turn to us for similar services and inspire us to research to maximize our students’ learning. Partnered together, very often we are able to achieve results that go above and beyond solo practices.

The Barrie Anxiety Clinic
The Barrie Anxiety Clinic logo

The Barrie Anxiety Clinic

The Barrie Anxiety Clinic, run by Yuliya Levina, offers psychotherapy sessions to children, teens and their families whose academic performance is affected by anxieties, depression, insecurities and social difficulties.

Alpha study Canada
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Alpha Study Canada

Run by Nadine Vandenburg, Alpha Study Canada is an invaluable resource for those parents who try to navigate the world of private schools, high schools and university paths.

Alpha study Canada
Kid Mechanix
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Kid Mechanix

Kid Mechanix offers behavioural strategies for children whose academic performance is affected by behavioural challenges. Kid Mechanix specialists offer student observations in the academic situations, providing valuable feedback which means to be integrated in the learning environment to enhance student success.


EPS Family Health

Dr. Ed Roldan and his team offer a range of psychoeducational assessments, psychotherapy and family therapy services at his clinics across GTA. They are supporters of DI academic remediation in children and young adults.

Family well-being
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Ascent Clinical Services

Ascent Clinical Services provide consultation to our team of teachers to help with skills assessment and programming direction, staff training, and implementing intensive functional behaviour plans.


Skills Assessment

Take advantage of our academic skills assessment that we offer for every student. The goal of the assessment is to help us determine your child’s current academic level. After that, we offer placement into the right program to meet your child’s individual learning needs.

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