Do you want your child to develop their communication skills in a highly stimulating and interactive environment?

The solution is right here! Direct Instruction method based programs help enrich the learner’s reading, spelling and writing skills, especially in those children who experience behavioural challenges, learning disabilities like Dyslexia and ADHD, attention disorders and those on the autism spectrum. It is a proven teaching technique, backed by 35 years of research, that revolves around effective instructional delivery imparted through carefully designed curricula.

This model focuses on an explicit teacher-directed classroom environment with just a handful of students. What this does is it allows personalized one-on-one interactions, disaggregates and sequences complex topics that are then presented to the students in manageable increments and reinforces previous lessons by only introducing 15% of fresh material in each new lesson. These powerful learning assists boost the learner’s retention.

Includes an Initial Skills Assessment to Understand the Student’s Academic Capacity

The Direct Instruction method is thoroughly evidence-based and has delivered superior results in various learning centres and schools across the UK, Canada, the US and Australia. Students’ success occurs due to this method’s flexible pacing to match each learner’s needs and frequent assessments to track their progress.

Prior to signing your child up for one of our education programs, we conduct a skills assessment test. To determine the appropriate academic interventions that will best work to enrich your child’s learning experience while also recognizing their shortcomings, our educational consultants evaluate every student’s learning profile. If the need arises, with parental consent we may also approach psychologists, school staff and others who are intimate with your child’s academic and behavioural background. This systematic model, centred around flexible and unique learning techniques, allows for greater levels of predictability in each lesson, thus reducing student anxiety about unknown lesson plans. Several components of this program are very effective for both remediation and enrichment purposes – this is what ensures all-around academic excellence.

Introduces Basic Language Writing Skills

This is a program that uses the Direct Instruction method to touch upon the basics of writing and helps your child develop a good command over organizational, syntax and vocabulary techniques. As it aims to cultivate a very strong foundation for a possible future career in writing, the program also teaches students how to draft narratives, draw parallels, summarize and proofread.

Explores the Essentials of Writing

The integral objective of this program is to encourage middle and high school students to independently complete specific writing tasks, thereby learning how to draft passages with purpose and clarity. Thus, Direct Instruction is a powerful tool that imparts lessons that they can use to excel in their regular schooling. The heightened lesson retention rates facilitated by Direct Instruction learning helps them ace their tests with flying colours.

Cultivates Expressive Writing Mastery

Enhancing writing skills, especially when faced with remedial challenges, is not an easy feat. To be successfully imparted, the writing task needs to be broken down into smaller, sequential tasks. Using the Direct Instruction method, your child is taught Expressive Writing skills using tactics that are very different from those used by their normal schools. The curriculum is organized just so on an assignment-wise basis. This means teachers disseminate knowledge in manageable chunks – only imparting what is required to complete that particular assignment.

Skills are taught explicitly and integrated into passage writing exercises, instead of simply just telling students to write and leaving them to their own devices. To add value to the learning process, these writing skills are also founded on visuals and pictures. Students get to explore editing skills, a variety of sentence structures, writing tenses, etc. thus enhancing their communication mastery and building their self-esteem with each new lesson.

Develops High-Performance Writing Techniques

The efficacy of the Direct Instruction method is evident in another stimulating writing program – High-Performance Writing. This includes a three-tier lesson plan that helps students build upon fundamental writing skills. The program includes a variety of writing units – practical, descriptive, expository, narrative, persuasive and report. These units are accordingly integrated into the three tiers – beginning, intermediate and advanced. In the first stage, students are exposed to exemplary pieces of writing, in the second, they draft a passage, revise and proofread it and in the final stage, the students run a final round of revisions and publish their work.

The program functions on the premise that any student can become a successful writer. The beauty of it is that each of these units shines the spotlight on process-based writing. That is to say, students are provided with specific skills and knowledge to guide them along the way.

Does your child have the passion and the promise for words?

If your child can write a simple story but struggles with expositions, summaries, persuasive and descriptive writing, then this writing group is for them. It starts on September 15th, 2018 and runs for a period of 12 intensive and highly enjoyable weeks. Each two-hour session is delivered in groups of five. Let your child excel in their academics! Call 416-670-4415 to sign them up today.