“How was school today?” is a question you’ve no doubt asked your child at some point. If the answer was an unenthusiastic shrug, your child may not be getting the most out of their school years. 

When your child is stressed out and nervous, it’s hard for them to focus on their lessons. That’s why, for many students, regular classrooms aren’t enough to provide a rewarding and enjoyable learning experience. 

In-home tutoring takes unfamiliar environments out of the equation. That way, your child is able to relax, engage and become curious about their lessons. The result? You will notice a tremendous improvement in their report card and watch their confidence grow.

Learning doesn’t have to be a chore your child dreads. Our private English tutors and private math tutors in Vaughan are highly trained professionals and know how to tackle your child’s learning setbacks and remove their apprehensions. 

Below, we cited some of the major ways in which your child can benefit from a private home tutor. 


Personalized Attention

The issue with regular learning institutions is that the teacher is confined by time and can only give a limited amount of attention to each student before they have to continue with the lesson. 

What does a home tutor do? The tutor will first assess your child’s learning profile. Every student is different; some may grasp Math and English concepts quickly while others require visual aids for additional clarity. The tutor then creates an individualized lesson plan that helps the student tackle the curriculum in a bite-sized manner. 

At home, your child is free to ask questions to their heart’s content and the teacher only moves on when the concept has been grasped. These one-on-one sessions eliminate the fear some students have of asking questions in group settings.

Your child is able to master the learning curve quicker and, when they get back to their classroom, they will be able to easily keep up with the other students. 


Quality Tuition

At Read Write Think, our tutors have a wealth of knowledge in the field. They have successfully taught and remediated students of all ages and learning profiles. Here, we believe that every student can benefit from explicit, straightforward and repetitive teaching techniques that are backed by instant feedback. 

This same philosophy is prevalent in our at-home classes. You will soon find your child positively responding to the coaching techniques. 


Extremely Convenient

You get to call the shots. These sessions can be conducted at a location of your preference whether that’s at your home, at our institution or at your child’s school. 

Our tutors are very flexible and will adapt to days and times that work well with your busy schedule. Your child won’t have to compromise on their other learning or extracurricular activities as these lessons can work around those as well!


Better Performance

With one-on-one attention, tutors and parents will soon notice that the child’s growth, performance and confidence considerably grows. Home tuition focuses on your child’s weak spots and provides them with the tools they need to conquer these. These extra efforts go a long way to better the student’s academic performance. 

And since this is a positive place with as few distractions as possible, the scope for better learning is that much wider!


Involved Parents

The tutor will also provide detailed productive feedback so that parents can ascertain whether progress is being made. By working with your child closely and monitoring their learning behaviours, the tutor will also be able to suggest whether your child need undergo a learning disability evaluation if they suspect that something is amiss. 

These assessments are great to poise your child for future growth. Moreover, they will also help the student be self-accountable, set their own deadlines and develop a forward-thinking learning attitude. 


Let a Home Tutor Help Your Child Excel in Their Studies!

The school year has just begun. Now is a great time to get your child a little extra help out of the classroom so that they don’t fall behind. To ensure that their academic pain points are addressed, turn to an experienced tutor who can help your child actually enjoy their lessons instead of just getting through them. 


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