If your child has fallen behind with academics and school expectations, summer is a perfect time to catch up. A school year might get a bit too busy very fast with early wake ups, full school days, after school activities and family dinners. As a result, allocating time to get after school academic support becomes quite challenging. Winter hours and cold weather do not make it easier, either.

It’s always good to balance the amount of learning hours more or less equally throughout a working week, a full month, and a year. In other words, spreading three hours of academic intervention throughout six months always works better than learning five hours a week throughout four months. Consistency, review and repetition always bring struggling students further than leaving lengthy gaps of no academics at all for a few consecutive months.

Summer is a great time to fill in the existing gaps in academics. Kids have a full day to themselves while the weather is great and the energy levels are replenished. We like to fill up their mornings with “busy stuff” either one-on-one or in little groups, leaving the early afternoons and evenings for time outside, chilling and refreshing. This allows a chance for teaching them planning and executive functioning skills on top of the curriculum. Students often share that this set-up leads to a sense of accomplishment and greater enjoyment of the day. The results of proper summer time planning can be astonishing. Some students can catch
up as much as a full school year, while taking the planning skills with them to the school year ahead.

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