Your child needs to be able to understand and be understood. Communication is fundamental to their social, academic and professional interactions. At Read Write Think, our English tutors in Vaughan are equipped to ensure that your child’s development is well rounded, so that their chances of success, at both their schooling and future careers, are enhanced.

Reading and writing are key to your child’s development. However, honing their language and spelling skills are equally crucial to expand their vocabulary and instil in them a sense of confidence.

Children require a quiet environment to listen and learn effectively. This is why our private tutors in Vaughan offer either on-site classes, at your child’s regular academic institution, or even within the comfort of your home. During infancy, most children develop core communication skills through the mother’s vocalizations, gestures and body language. When older, they require concentrated aids to help develop that base knowledge.

Below, we’ve explained how spelling and language mastery aids in literacy development.

The Importance of Spelling Skills

Spelling refers to the ability to assemble letters correctly so as to form words. It is a critical part of successful writing. When your child develops a confidence in spelling, they, in turn, develop a confidence in other aspects of communication. Research has shown that children who focus on boosting their spelling skills have a heightened ability to identify links between words of the same origin as well as identify word relationships. This contributes to their overall comprehension prowess.

Learners who recognize word patterns are then able to move forward and comprehend more complex texts. Your child will become a confident communicator with this foundation of links between sounds, letters, meaning, and forms.

The Importance of Language Skills

Most children pick up on the basics of language through daily practice over time. Using words to communicate effectively helps your child develop their social interactions and relationships. Healthy language development must begin from early childhood. The ability to grasp language cannot be viewed in isolation. It is strongly connected to your child’s overall development.

Your child’s language know-how is dependent on three basic things: their ability to Understand, Listen, and Speak to others. From this core, your child is then able to develop their writing and reading skills as well.

Recent studies have indicated that stunted language development leads to learning disabilities, academic setbacks, anti-social tendencies, and anxiety disorder and behavioural problems. If at any point, you are worried that your child is not exhibiting typical developmental patterns, you should consult a specialist.

Here are the language and spelling programs we offer at Read Write Think and their associated benefits in your child’s communication development.

Language for Learning Program

Designed for students below the first grade, the Language for Learning course works on the foundation – core communication skills. The learners are exposed to language theories, words, and sentences that contribute to good writing and spoken skills.

Each of these classes is individualized and the student is able to benefit from the teacher’s undivided attention. It is most suited for children on the spectrum, ESL learners and those who display atypical language developmental patterns.

Language for Thinking Program

Once your child has mastered the basics, its time to focus on syntax, vocabulary and reasoning abilities. This, in turn, creates a good foundation for analyzing and reading written materials. Each exercise is structured and sequenced in such a way so that the learner is able to retain information and independently grasp each concept.

Spelling Mastery Program

Spelling is one of the basics to boost writing skills. This is a   course that hones in one effective writing. It is based on certain in-depth concepts such as memorization, phonemics (sound and letter associations) and morphemics (suffixes and prefixes).

Spelling Through Morphographs Program

This program aids students (grade 4 and upwards) by providing them with the tools needed to perfect their spelling. They learn about roots, prefixes, suffixes and base words and how these combine with one another.

We Conduct a Free Assessment to Test Your Child’s Academic Profile

Once you sign your child up for one of our programs, our academic specialists will study your child’s developmental skills and consult with other education providers who are familiar with your child’s background – with your permission. We piece together their academic profile and accordingly structure classes so that they receive help in areas they need it the most.

We Help Your Child Become a Confident Communicator!

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